Company Profile

Leasing Elite (LE) is a bespoke property services agency which is managed by owner Annette O’Brien-Oxley and a small team of highly experienced professionals. We provide Property Management, Leasing, Sales plus related Concierge and Caretaking services for private and corporate clients.
LE was established in 1984 and with over 30 years’ experience we know how to facilitate a property owner’s needs.  Recognising that property regulations and operations have changed over time, we offer a full range of services to ensure that our clients receive the best available property advice and management.

At LE we provide the following:

  • Leasing & Management of Fully Furnished & Equipped residences
  • Leasing & Management of  Unfurnished residences
  • Sales of Residential Properties in prestige locations
  • Short Term Flexible Leases
  • Long Term Leases
  • Assistance and recommendations to Relocation Agents & HR Managers
  • Our Leasing Elite ‘One on One’ service with Lessors and Tenants
  • Experienced and committed staff members who can enhance your leasing, sales or management experience
  • Management of owner occupied residential properties
  • Exclusive Concierge & Caretaking services for those clients travelling for business or pleasure

Property Management and Leasing Services

When renting your home, you can’t risk making mistakes. The LE agency management and leasing service is designed to ensure you get the best service and advice available under the Residential Tenancy Act, which governs leasing in Western Australia. It is important that you not only ensure that tenants look after your property, but that the tenants' needs are also looked after. From fast, proactive problem solving to regular checks on the property, LE ensures that our clients' tenants and their tenants are kept happy.

Residential Sales

Our many years’ experience stands us in good stead when it comes to realising the best possible price for your property. We will advise you on tactics to maximise its sales potential and provide a realistic appraisal. Our property appraisal service goes hand in hand with our management service nevertheless can be used independently.

Liaison & Concierge Services

Many of our clients spend time away from their Perth home. Whether it is a short business trip, or a long leave of absence interstate or overseas, we can remove the worry of leaving your house unattended. We will oversee repairs and maintenance on your home, coordinate trades and carry out inspections as required. Please see our Liaison & Concierge Services section for full details of the services we can provide.

Leasing a property in Western Australia is governed by the Residential Tenancy Act 1987.
Because our laws may be different from your previous experience of leasing a property in another country or even within Australia, your experiences may not be relevant to leasing in Western Australia. 
To assist you with an overview we have listed some important information as it relates to you the tenant.
We hope you find this useful. 

Rental Agreements
Rental Agreements are either periodic or fixed term.

  • periodic tenancy has no pre-determined completion date but carries on with the same terms and special conditions (if any) until notice is given.
    You the tenant must give 21 days written notice and the landlord must give you 60 days written notice to terminate this agreement.

  • fixed term tenancy is an agreement with a start date and a completion date and cannot be changed without the specific agreement of tenant and landlord. This type of agreement offers security to both parties.
    If a fixed term tenancy goes beyond the specified date (without a new fixed term being agreed upon), then the rental agreement automatically rolls over into a periodic tenancy.
    Both parties to the lease must give 30 days notice in writing for possession of the property at the end of a fixed term lease.

Application Form

Most landlords or agents on the landlords behalf require that all tenants complete an 'application form' to rent a property.  The application form is not an agreement to rent the property but an opportunity for the landlord to assess the potential tenant.  An application can be refused by the landlord (without reason) and the property leased to another applicant.

Form 1AA (The Lease)

The lease agreement specifies the length of the lease, landlords and tenants names. It also specifies agreed rental and any special conditions agreed upon.  Both parties (or the landlords agent) sign this agreement and it then becomes valid in law.

Up Front Costs

If your application is accepted you will have to pay two weeks rent in advance and four weeks rent as a bond 
i.e. property leased for $400 p.w. = $2,400 payment before you can occupy the property.


You must pay a security bond that will cover any damage to the premises or contents at the end of the tenancy.  
The bond is your money and has to be held in trust until the end of the tenancy.  It is normally no more than four weeks rent, however, there can be some exceptions to this, where 

a)     the weekly rent is more than $1200 
b)     the landlord has lived in the property for the previous three months
c)     where you are allowed to have a cat or a dog and additional $260 is held in trust

Despite what is listed above, most bonds held on behalf of tenants are no more than four weeks rent.

Where the bond is held

The Tenancy bond account must be held with the Bond Administrator which is a section of the Department of Consumer & Employment Protection. 

Refund of bond at end of tenancy
In some cases the tenants may request to have the cost of cleaning or utility bills taken from their bond before it is paid out.  However, the bond will only be paid to the tenant once all of the associated costs have been invoiced and paid, with the agreement of the tenant.
We should point out that it is an offence for tenants to stop paying rent with the intention of having rent deducted from the bond monies.
If there is any disagreement on deductions from the bond, the bond will remain in the trust account and an application will be made to the local court to settle the disagreement.  Once the court has made its decision the bond monies can be released.

Rental Payment

In the initial stage the tenant has paid 2 weeks rent in advance, ongoing the rent can be paid fortnightly or monthly in advance.  Rent must be paid on time and never in arrears, otherwise the landlord may serve you notice of breach of your agreement.

Leasing Elite Staff

Our team of qualified property managers are all licensed professionals with many years experience in the industry. They are supported by a fully resourced administrative staff that ensures the smooth running of your account.

Director & Licensee
Operations Manager
Senior Property Manager
Property Manager
Property Manager
Assistant Property Manager Trust Account Administrator
Office Administrator

Your property will be allocated a property manager who will be available to receive any queries you may have concerning its management.

Our Services

  • Management of Short Term Furnished and Self Contained Properties
  • Management of Long Term Unfurnished Properties

  • Property inventory and property condition reports
  • Specialized marketing
  • Purchasing service
  • Tenant credit checks and references
  • 7 day a week emergency call out
  • Bond investment & procedures
  • Rent collection/default
  • Tenant Statements
  • Marketing Property
  • Leasing Strategy
  • Repairs & Maintenance/Payment of accounts
  • Annual occupancy reports
  • Prompt monthly statements
  • Documentation i.e. leases, reports
  • End of year financial statements
  • Inspections
  • Key Security
  • Lessor (Landlords) Protection Insurance
  • Tenancy Agreement

Marketing Your Property

  • The Corporate Tenant
  • Leasing Elite caters exclusively to the executive market.  The benefits to owners of targeting this market have been proven time and again since Leasing Elite started business in the early Eighties.

    Some of the advantages:

    • Guaranteed payment of rent
    • Greater responsibility for condition of the property
    • Less likelihood of litigation

    By developing the concept of the fully furnished short term lease, as short as three months, Leasing Elite tapped into a lucrative executive market which maximises both the occupancy rates and rental returns for owners.

    Our market includes corporate relocations, both long and short term. Corporate tenants are characterised by the following:

    • Preference for properties that are professionally managed.
    • Preference for a minimum level of involvement with agent or owners
    • Lease negotiations are usually handled by a relocation company
    • Rent is usually paid by the company’s accounts department

  • Tenant Selection
  • We attract quality tenants because we are dealing with the corporate market, the majority of time.  The corporations in effect are providing references for their employees and will guarantee rent payments and verify the character of their employee.
    Where we are obtaining individual tenants who are not verified by our corporate customers, we confirm their references through their banks and previous landlords. We specialize in providing you with a good level of reference checking.
    Tenant Selection also involves the type of agreements both the tenant and landlord are looking for i.e. long or short-term leases furnished or unfurnished? This will determine the needs of both and what we, as agents will need to look for.

  • The Short Term Lease
  • Shorter leases offer owners a certain amount of flexibility that is not available once a property is fixed to a longer-term contract:

    • Owners have a greater chance of using the property themselves
    • Owners have greater opportunity of marketing for selling if the real estate market turns to their advantage and their property has become vacant.
    • Higher rents are often achieved.

  • The Long Term Lease
  • Longer leases offer the security of rental return.  If your property is leased for 12 months then the income stream is guaranteed as a fixed amount for that term.
    Leasing Elite maintains a policy of only letting unfurnished properties on longer-term leases.

  • Marketing 'Plus'
  • All new properties will be specifically featured on our web site when they initially become available to rent and this highlights the property.  Furthermore, your property will be put on our 'Current Property List' until it is rented.  All potential tenants have access to our Current Property List.

    Please phone our office if you have any queries

    Does Leasing Elite offer “short term” leasing?
    Yes – we do offer a minimum 3 months lease with some of our fully furnished and fully equipped properties.  However some buildings have a requirement for longer term leases.

    Where is our office located?
    32 Richardson Street, West Perth

    Where are the properties located?
    Our properties are located in areas such as the CBD, East and West Perth, South Perth and the Western Suburbs.
    Our recent listings have included properties in Applecross, Ascot, Burswood, Churchlands, City Beach, Claremont, Como, Cottesloe, East Perth, Floreat, Jolimont, Leederville, Mosman Park, Mount Claremont, Nedlands, North Fremantle, North Perth, Northbridge, Perth, Scarborough, Shenton Park, South Perth, Subiaco, Swanbourne, Wembley, West Leederville and West Perth.

    Does Leasing Elite lease to the Corporate sector?
    Yes, we do as well as the private sector.

    What is “fully equipped”?
    Fully equipped includes everything, eg: all linen, crockery, cutlery etc. You just need to bring your suitcase & groceries.

    Does Leasing Elite offer “serviced apartments”?
    No – however, we can provide you with contact details of cleaning companies.

    Can Leasing Elite “book/hold” properties in advance?
    No - Due to many short-term tenancies the turnover of properties is extremely high at Leasing Elite so we’re not able to guarantee availability more “than 3 weeks” prior to your required start date.

    Does Leasing Elite offer both fully furnished and unfurnished properties for leasing?

    Is an appointment necessary to view properties?

    How can I be kept informed of what is becoming available?
    By registering to receive our list of available properties which will be sent to you twice. This list can match any requests you make when completing the registration on our Mailing List page

    Can we start with an initial lease period of 3 months and follow up by extending our lease?

    Please phone or email our office if you have any additional queries

    Leasing Elite wish to protect the privacy of those who visit our web site and furthermore any information you provide is kept strictly confidential. The content of our customer database is not available to third parties with the exception of third party suppliers who are working on behalf of Leasing Elite in the operation of our business.

    An individual is not identified on our web site unless her or she voluntarily gives us personal identification online. If you provide us with information about your identity, Leasing Elite may use this information to respond to your query.

    Your personal information will not be sold or disclosed to any other unaffiliated third party or for independent marketing purposes without your consent. The information provided by you will be used for the purpose of the property management business carried on by Leasing Elite, a purpose required, authorized or permitted by law or a purpose otherwise authorized by you.

    Should you wish to access or correct any information we collect from you, please phone or email our office.