Apartment vs. House Living: Which is better?

If you’re choosing between living in an apartment or a house, it really is worth considering how each option will affect your lifestyle. While it may seem like there’s not a great deal of difference, these details can (and do) have big impacts on the way we live, and how we feel about our home environment.

The pros & cons of apartment living

Gone are the days where apartment living was relegated to those who couldn’t afford to live in something bigger. Today, apartment living can feel like high-end luxury every day – provided that your space is the right size to suit your lifestyle.

Depending on how tall your apartment building is, you might even be blessed with sweeping ocean, park or river views – at an enviable vantage point! The best apartments boast amazing entertaining spaces too, so you can enjoy the view in absolute style and comfort.    

In a well-appointed apartment, life can feel like an eternal weekend getaway – with a pool, spa, gym or barbeque area on-site for you to use at your leisure. On the other hand, if you need some time out, an apartment can feel like your own secret hideaway where the rest of the world can’t bother you.

Apartment buildings often have heightened security with restricted car access, a security guard and the ability to buzz in your guests (or not). While you may have car bays for yourself and your family, parking spaces in apartment buildings can be very limited, which is frustrating for visitors!

If gardening is really not your thing, you’re in luck. You have the convenience of never having to worry about watering the lawn, raking the leaves or keeping the herbs alive. Plus, you can bring in as many indoor plants as you want if you feel like adding a little greenery around the place.

Another point to consider is if your family pet is allowed to live in the apartment complex.  As all strata by laws are different, it is good to be fully conversant in these bylaws before you purchase and realise your furry friend is not allowed move in with you.

If you’re a nature lover or a pet lover, you may not live in an apartment by choice and be better suited to living in a house.

The pros and cons of living in a house

For some, there’s nothing quite like knowing that no one lives above you or below you, and it may feel like a quieter life if you’re not fond of sharing walls with others. This is perhaps the biggest drawcard for many when deciding to purchase a house over an apartment.

If you’re the outdoor type and you love to be out in the garden, you might find you’re happier in a house. But you’re also going to have to maintain that garden, or enlist the help of someone else to look after it for you… Having a garden to maintain can be a drag or a delight, depending on your disposition.

If you’ve got a family, particularly younger children, a backyard to play in and explore can be hugely important. For a kid, getting your hands dirty outdoors is a right of passage, and it can be reassuring to have a secure yard for the kids (and adults) to play in.

For the handy homeowner, a renovation project can seriously increase the value of your property. While there is something to be said for ‘buying low and selling high’, renovating isn’t for the faint-hearted; you have to be handy on the tools, and have the time, patience and money to see the project through to the end!

Renovation projects in an apartment building can be a little more tricky, as there are often restrictions around what can and can’t be changed, especially from a structural point of view. You might be held to certain parameters and guidelines when it comes to changing your home, so be sure to check before making any final decisions so you know if you’ve got the green light.

Ultimately, whether you decide to live in an apartment or a house depends on how you engage and interact in your home space. Whatever you decide, we’ve got a range of stunning apartments and homes to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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