Restyle Your Home For Spring

Spring has sprung and it is starting to get warmer.  The traditional time of year to come out of hibernation and to refresh. But where to start? We have compiled a list of 7 ideas of how to welcome the new season into your home. The Spring Clean. Starting traditionally, the spring clean is a…Read More→


Corona Blues: Mental health in the Current Climate

“We are living in Unprecedented Times” this seems to have become the slogan for 2020, used to excess by politicians and world leaders globally- but it does ring true. We have been exceedingly lucky in WA, proactive and strict measures have granted us a reprieve from what is one of the most devastating events we…Read More→


Is now the best time for me to build my first home?

If you have a secure income and sufficient deposit saved, now is the time to be a first home buyer. There is a $10,000 First Home Owner Grant, $25,000 HomeBuilder grant and a $20,000 state grant available to those eligible first timers building/buying a new home. What is the HomeBuilder Grant? It is a grant…Read More→

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Australia’s New Sunshine State: Why People are Packing their Bags and Moving to Perth.

Looking for a sea change? Corporate executives across various industries are making the move to Perth and relocating for work purposes. As our resources industries restart and more employment opportunities become available, our corporate client base will grow and we foresee that demand for rental properties of a high calibre will become stronger in 2019….Read More→

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Bespoke Property Services

Whether  you’re renting, buying, leasing or selling your home, property can be an overwhelming space to navigate. Tenants looking for a property often join a sea of applicants in the rat race to secure their own place and often, if you’re not first – you’re last. Sellers are lumped with a long ‘to do’ list…Read More→

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What’s on in Perth this Summer?

There are few things more glorious than a Perth Summer as far as we’re concerned. Beckoning beaches, picnics, festivals… we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment. It’s the three months of the year most of us live for – and it’s nearly here. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best…Read More→

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How to Find (and Keep!) The Right Tenant

When it comes to renting out your property, we all want to have peace of mind knowing that we have trustworthy, reliable and respectable tenants living in our home. A bad tenant can cause you heartaches, headaches, and of course cost you a lot of money. On the flipside, a great tenant will care for…Read More→

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The Top 5 Houseplants You (Probably) Won’t Kill

It’s safe to say houseplants have made a real comeback in recent times. And rightly so – they’re beautiful, they clean the air and they add a perfect touch of greenery to any home! This trend has seen many rush to their nearest nursery in a bid to find the perfect plant for that perfect…Read More→

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Mastering the Art of Feng Shui in Your Home.

In today’s busy society we sometimes forget the importance of a balanced lifestyle. While we’re not quite Feng Shui masters, to help you make a positive start, we wanted to give you some easy steps to achieve Feng Shui decorating in the home. Feng What? Feng Shui! You might have heard the term Feng Shui…Read More→

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What to Consider When Renting a Furnished Property

To rent furnished or unfurnished? That is the question. Generally speaking, renters will come across one of three properties. Fully furnished, partly furnished and unfurnished.  As the name suggests, a fully furnished property is one in which the owner supplies all furniture and appliances.  On the other hand, a partly furnished property commonly only includes…Read More→

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The Spring Cleaner’s Guide to Organising Your Home

Spring Cleaning. It’s the time of year when every house receives a well-deserved clean and cleanse. Decluttering is not only good for the home, but it’s also essential for your health. There is something soothing about clearing out a packed drawer or sorting through your overflowing wardrobe. And we know why. According to Psychology Today,…Read More→

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We’re Live!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. We’re so thrilled with the finished product. The website is mobile-friendly and has refreshed our brand, whilst retaining the original essence of Leasing Elite that is so important to us. We hope you like it as much as we do! Thanks to the fabulous team…Read More→