How to select the best property manager for your home?

It is common when searching for a management company for your property to be focused on fees, however we suggest it is wise to look at the overall situation and real estate company structure, ethos, and reputation before making a final decision. Your property could be your own personal residence which could be the biggest…Read More→


Big trend in downsizing

In Australia (particularly Western Australia) it is common to downsize from our large family home. In other countries this is not a trend, people tend to live in their home forever.  I suggest this is partly because homes there are traditionally smaller, on smaller blocks or tend to be an apartment. Here we must deal…Read More→


What is Fully Furnished & Equipped when leasing a residential property

Most tenants wish to lease unfurnished properties for a minimum of a 12-month lease.  This is standard practice in residential leasing. There are properties available fully furnished and equipped and this means the property has everything that is required to move in with just your suitcases. Items included are all furniture, crockery, cutlery, linen.  You…Read More→


Moving back into your long-term rental  

When returning to your home after leasing it, you may have a memory of what it looked like when you left however many years ago. It is important to remember that it will likely look a little different. Wear and tear is inevitable, if it was leased for 1 year or 10 years. The better…Read More→

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The Best Dog Beaches in Perth

The best dog beach is determined not only by the quality of the beach but on how it best suits your dog. This list of beaches include great spots to walk the coast or sit down while your pup plays in the waves. Bennion Dog Beach – Trigg Divided into two smaller beaches and surrounded…Read More→


January Update

Property is always such an interesting topic and our Perth property market in 2021 is going to be even more interesting! The Perth rental crisis for tenants, translates to a good time for homeowners and investors to lease their property. The pressure is on the market for rentals that are $300 p.w. to $800 p.w…Read More→


What To Expect From Your Upcoming Inspection.

  All tenants experience regular property inspections. That 3 monthly reminder to have the bathroom sparkling, hide the laundry and frantically tidy and hide messier household items, often causing a late night of preparation- but is it all necessary and why do agents insist on this? Although it can feel like an assessment of your…Read More→


Investing in Your Investment

Owning an investment property has a number of benefits. Real estate has great potential for long term growth, offers security, and if you are renting out your property it gives “passive income”. It does however come with its own costs, from management fees to maintenance, and it can be tempting to try cut corners and…Read More→


Money Habits: Saving for your first home

Household budgeting is one of the most important (if boring) things one can tackle when you are trying to save. There are countless books on the subject, many ideologies and sayings. Changing habits does not happen overnight, it is a process, but once in place these good habits set you in great stead, be it…Read More→


Is now the best time for me to build my first home?

If you have a secure income and sufficient deposit saved, now is the time to be a first home buyer. There is a $10,000 First Home Owner Grant, $25,000 HomeBuilder grant and a $20,000 state grant available to those eligible first timers building/buying a new home. What is the HomeBuilder Grant? It is a grant…Read More→