How to Find (and Keep!) The Right Tenant

When it comes to renting out your property, we all want to have peace of mind knowing that we have trustworthy, reliable and respectable tenants living in our home.

A bad tenant can cause you heartaches, headaches, and of course cost you a lot of money. On the flipside, a great tenant will care for your property as if it were their own and provide you with ongoing returns for years with little fuss.

This is why it pays dividends to invest time, effort and energy into finding (and keeping) the right person in your rental property. But finding the perfect tenant can often be easier said than done, and vetting applicants can be a very time-consuming and laborious process.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for securing and looking after the perfect tenant so they stay with you over the long-term.   

When it comes to your listing, the devil is in the details

In order to attract the right applicants, we need to list your property in the right level of detail, and as honestly as possible. We ensure the photographs feature all areas/rooms of the house so people can clearly see whether the property is right for them by looking at the listing. Photographing the kitchen and bathroom/s is a must, as well as bedrooms, wardrobes and outdoor spaces so that your potential tenant can get a good feel for the property before they come to view it in person.

It’s also important that we take the time to write your listing in full, including all the features and amenities your property has (and doesn’t have) to offer. This not only saves you time answering questions, but it ensures that when people come to view your property they are fully aware of what they might be moving in to.

Often times, when a listing is incomplete or doesn’t give a prospective tenant all the information they’re looking for, they won’t even bother enquiring, and will simply move on to the next listing.

Leasing Elite prides itself on providing any prospective tenant will all relevant information.

Reference checks are not optional

First and foremost, we need to know exactly who will be renting your property, and we need to feel comfortable that they are the right fit for you. Multiple reference checks are absolutely crucial in ensuring you are leasing your home to a person who will maintain the standard of your property. We call professional/business references and personal references to establish this. It always helps to have multiple contacts to call and cross-check those references to make sure we have a cross section.

As well as reference checks, we ensure we meet the potential tenant in person and have a real conversation with them. It seems so simple, but we hold private viewings with tenants in order to have genuine face-to-face conversations with them to give us a feel for whether they are the right fit for your property, and the time spent chatting could save you a lot of time and hassle further down the track!  

A little flexibility can go a long way

Once we have matched the right tenant to your property, it’s often the little things that mean the most to them.That might mean being a little flexible so your tenant can make your house feel like their home. A classic example is being able to add hooks to the wall. Many Lessors won’t allow their tenants to add hooks so they can hang pictures, paintings or artwork on the walls. While this may seem like a minor detail for some, for renters looking to feel more at home in your home, this can make a big difference. We have special lease conditions that mean the tenant has to make good all walls that have hooks or additions.

Be responsive and helpful  

We ensure that we take care of all maintenance issues promptly as there’s nothing worse than being a tenant and having to deal with maintenance issues that never seem to get fixed. Leaky taps, dodgy doors, broken air conditioners… they’re all things that might cost you time and money to fix, but might save you from losing your tenant over the long-term.

We always try to be prompt and helpful in dealing with all tenant, and make sure they know they can call if they ever need help. Simply knowing they have support from if they need it can be a massive relief and mean the difference between staying or leaving when the lease has to be renewed.

At Leasing Elite, finding the right tenant is what we do best. We are very particular to match the tenant to the property and not just lease your home to anyone who applies. If you need help finding the perfect tenant for your property, contact our professional leasing team today or phone our office on (08) 9321 4428.