Mastering the Art of Feng Shui in Your Home.

In today’s busy society we sometimes forget the importance of a balanced lifestyle. While we’re not quite Feng Shui masters, to help you make a positive start, we wanted to give you some easy steps to achieve Feng Shui decorating in the home.

Feng What? Feng Shui!

You might have heard the term Feng Shui in passing or written in magazines but what exactly does it mean? Feng Shui is an “ancient system of laws used to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy”(Oxford Dictionaries ,English, 2018). More generally, it’s the art of achieving balance in your surroundings.

How can Feng Shui help me?

Have you ever considered why you might have a favourite room in your home? Perhaps it feels more inviting or peaceful?  It may be because the element you are most in tune with exists in that room. Feng Shui decorating helps to create a positive environment in your entire home. A perfectly balanced home should make you feel self-satisfied, lighter, energetic and motivated.

Feng Shui highlights the principle of balancing the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  By including an aspect of each element in your home, it is said that you create a balance of energies. Not only can incorporating Feng Shui help harmonise your environment, but it is also considered to bring luck and prosperity.

Mastering the Feng Shui Elements.

Feng Shui aims to achieve a balance of the opposing characteristics in the world around you, which are known as yin and yang.

The first step in creating a balanced home environment is to declutter. That entails getting rid of everything you either don’t use or don’t like. Nothing repels good energy faster than clutter. Secondly,  open up your space by creating as much air flow and natural lighting as possible. This can be accomplished by choosing lighter materials for curtains, decorating with mirrors to reflect light and maintaining indoor plants.

Once you’ve made a start, it’s time to incorporate the five elements into your home. To begin, try decorating with the elements you are most drawn to.

Water Element.

Water elements are believed to improve communication with your family in the home. That doesn’t mean you need to have a feature pond in your living room.  An easy way to incorporate water is to decorate with blue coloured ornaments or keep flowers in fresh water around the living space.

Earth Element.

If you wish to foster a strong family home, then including earthly coloured tones helps to create a firm ground for good relationships. Think, light brown, orange, yellow and sandy colours. If these colours don’t work for you, try choosing ceramic or clay decorative pieces to help enforce this energy.  They need to be placed in the middle of the room so choosing a beautiful ceramic bowl for your coffee table might just be what the energies ordered.

Fire & Wood Element.

Fire is the most powerful element and helps to promote productivity and passion so it’s a good idea to feature it in an office space or bedroom. What’s the easiest way to do this? Grab some scented candles and light them around the space. Wood is another element to feature in the workspace as it promotes creativity and inspiration.

Metal Element.

The final element is metal and should be used in decorating if you’re looking to improve your overall financial success. Metal can be represented by any metallic colours and pieces, but make sure to feature it in the western corner of a room or that luck and prosperity we mentioned before might just disappear!

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Written by Jason Kirkbyin LE News