Seeking Sea Change: When Moving is as Good as a Holiday

Sometimes we get entrenched in where we live and the routines that come with it. So if you’re feeling like you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while, it may be time to think about changing your environment. Many avoid moving due to cost, time or simply being afraid of the unknown, but this thinking ignores the many great aspects that come with a sea change.

Moving can be an inspiring process that allows you learn more about yourself and the world around you, as well as a chance to re-evaluate what you really value and what needs to be Marie-Kondo’ed out!

While discovering a new place can be exciting, it becomes even better with new friends in tow! Relocating is a great way to expand your social circle. Realise by putting yourself out there, you could meet new best friends, romantic interests, gym buddies, people who will create great future memories with you.

While you may miss your friends and in the early stages, joining a club, a social circle, or gym can definitely alleviate any initial loneliness you might experience early on. There are so many groups both online and offline which cater to different interests or to simply to connect new residents together.

Another perk of moving to a new home comes with a new area as well! Every day will be a new adventure; the thrill of discovering and exploring a new place. Think of all the bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, parks, beaches and other fun places you are yet to discover!

Research the place that you are moving to prior to the move, and make a list of all the cool places, cultural landmarks and activities you want to visit. To get an understanding of the local food culture, pop into cafes and restaurants around you. Explore local parks and trails to see what the environment has to offer. Or check out museums and art galleries to educate yourself about the history of your new home.

Moving also provides you with an opportunity to start anew. You can become who you want and create a life that you want, without any external baggage.  Moving can be that chance you’ve been looking for to start again with a ‘blank canvas’ – new people, new job, new experiences, new life.

One of the biggest challenges of moving can also provide the most profound benefits in the long term: challenging yourself. Moving requires you to become independent, sociable and strong. It can lead you to discover new things about yourself and the places and people around you.  The only way that we can properly grow and learn more about ourselves is by exposing ourselves to new situations and to face our fears.

These experiences will leave you more resilient and courageous and will enable you to rise to the occasion in the future.

We so often take the environment that we live in and the circumstances that come with it for granted. We can become complacent and can feel stuck. While there can be challenges along the way, those seeking a seachange will be pleasantly surprised by all the benefits that come along with it.

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