Spring Newsletter

We are all delighted to see the wet and cold months passing and we can spread our wings and enjoy with warmth and sunshine again.

We have reminded tenants that reticulation must be turned on again with the specific 2 days per week allotted to each property.  Its already projected to be 29c next week so gardens will need watering.

On the sales side of things, we have successfully sold 17 Jutland Parade, Dalkeith, at $4.4m, a property we managed for 8 years and achieved a very satisfactory outcome for the owner.  In this instance we chose Bev Heymans of Acton to work with us and we found the partnership worked well.

So, remember if you wish to sell your property, reach out to us as part of your overall analysis when considering selling your investment or home. There is a difference between an ‘appraisal’ provided by LE and a ‘valuation’.  A valuation is normally required by banks and a fee is charged by the valuer.  An appraisal is based on all the statistical data available to compare your property and give an indication of value.  This appraisal is provided free of charge.


Rental properties are in short supply as a lot of people are selling and believe the market is strong now.  Agents are predicting that when the WA border opens in 2022, there will be an even stronger demand from people returning to buy and rent.   We hope we have enough stock to fulfil the requirement in the New Year.

We also hope to see the return of our corporate clients from Victoria and NSW who have not been coming to Perth for work purposes, in recent times.


We remind all our landlords, to listen to your Property Manager in relation to maintenance, upgrades and repairs as it is important to keep your property in good order for the long haul.

In the meantime, if you have any property query, please contact me on annette@leasingelite.com.au and I will be happy to assist.