The Best Dog Beaches in Perth

The best dog beach is determined not only by the quality of the beach but on how it best suits your dog.

This list of beaches include great spots to walk the coast or sit down while your pup plays in the waves.

Bennion Dog Beach – Trigg

Divided into two smaller beaches and surrounded by rocks. Bennion provides two enclosed spaces, a great place for first time beach visits with you dog/puppy. The beach is protected somewhat by reef but the swell can get quite big and it can get a little rough. There are also some rocks on the beach and in the water, but none of this seems to bother the dogs. If you enjoy sitting down at the beach while able to keep one eye on your pup this is the perfect beach for you. There is a large car park but on weekends it can fill up quite quick.


  • Small and enclosed
  • Stair access
  • Fountain with bowl
  • Car park
  • Dog friendly cafes near by


  • Not good for human swimming
  • Very busy on weekends
  • Lots of rocks in the water

North Beach Dog Beach

Enclosed and great for swimming, North Beach is perfect for you and your pup to swim together. It is large enough to have space for many dogs to play but not too long that you have trouble keeping an eye on your dog. The water can get a little rough but there is plenty of space for swimming dogs and humans. There is a small carpark, but it fills up very quick on weekends and other peak hours.


  • Size, great for dog play
  • Water is perfect for you and your dog to swim
  • Less populated
  • Dog friendly cafes near by


  • Not good for beach walks
  • Swell can get pretty rough

Fremantle South Beach

Fremantle dog beach is the perfect place for you and your dog to enjoy a walk and a swim. The beach is about 1km long and has a great view of the sunset. The water is perfect for both adults and children to swim in. The water is calm however the wind is strong with little shelter from sandbanks.


  • Great for swimming
  • Car park
  • Fountain and bowl and shower
  • Good for long beach walks
  • Large car park


  • Because of its size can make it hard to keep an eye on your pet
  • Sand and paths get very hot
  • A fair distance from more café options

Honourable mentions:

Peasholm Dog Beach

Stretching out over kms and leading into Floreat dog beach. Peasholm is great for long walks.

Whitford’s/ Hilary’s Dog Beach

Whitford’s Dog Exercise Beach stretches along the coastline just north of Hillarys Boat Harbour and next door is a Horse exercise area.  It’s a long and wide beach so it’s perfect for dogs that need a lot of room to run around. It does have lead restrictions however:

  • AM, Monday to Saturday – dogs must be on a lead at all times
  • PM, Monday to Saturday – dogs can be exercised off lead
  • Sunday – dogs can be exercised off lead all day.


There are many other beaches where you and your special doggie can spend fun time together, depending on where you live.  This is just a sample of a few.