The Spring Cleaner’s Guide to Organising Your Home

Spring Cleaning. It’s the time of year when every house receives a well-deserved clean and cleanse.

Decluttering is not only good for the home, but it’s also essential for your health. There is something soothing about clearing out a packed drawer or sorting through your overflowing wardrobe.

And we know why.

According to Psychology Today, messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. How so? Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime on things that aren’t necessary or important.

How to know it’s Time for A Spring Clean.

If you’re a traditionalist and prefer to do your spring cleaning in the spring, then you might be onto something. Spring breathes new life back into your natural surroundings. Your outdoor and indoor plants will naturally start to brighten and grow as the days become longer and warmer.

Take nature’s hint and use this time to update your home from a winter dwelling to a springtime sanctuary.

It’s Time to Freshen up Your Home.

We recommend taking advantage of the seasonal changes to wash your windows and fly-screens so you can optimise on the natural light and air flowing through your home. Airing out any linens or fabrics not only leaves your home smelling fresh, but it also creates a calming atmosphere. To enhance relaxation you may also wish to pot indoor plants or herbs in newfound sunlight patches.

The Most Important Step to Spring Cleaning is to De-clutter.

It’s well known that mess causes stress. You might not realise it, but the stack of boxes sitting in your spare room might be causing you to feel guilty and out of control. If you’re not sure where to start, then focus on the rooms you use the most.

Packing away duvets and cushions from the winter can help lighten and enlarge your bedroom. Similarly, rearranging your wardrobe and removing bulky winter clothes will help simplify your decisions in the morning.

Your bathroom can often get overcrowded. Take the time to throw out empty bottles and rearrange your draws to separate winter and spring products.

The same applies for your kitchen. Being the most utilised area in your home, your kitchen deserves the most attention when cleaning. Wipe down your fridge, dishwasher and steel bench tops. They are constantly in contact with food and are therefore prone to grime. Don’t forget your oven. For a quick easy solution use a vinegar and soda paste.

Don’t be Afraid of Change. Choose to Decorate with Spring Colours.

If you are looking to give your home a complete overhaul, why not consider redecorating with fresh colours and materials to suit the warmer seasons. Brighter colours are scientifically proven to change your mood. Try incorporating yellows and blues into your décor to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

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Happy spring cleaning!