Top 10 Apps for Organising Your Home, Life and Garden

There’s no denying that as a society today we’re driven to not only ‘keep up with the Jones’, but also keep up with the busy pace of work and life – while maintaining a beautiful home and well-kept garden along the way.  

Smartphones are the hidden gems of our digital age, particularly when it comes to the scores of apps designed in favour of the elusive ‘work-life balance’ (or a house plant that stays alive). There’s an app for everything, and not only a wealth of choices for home organisation and interior design, but also for plants and gardening, sustainable living, as well as apps to help keep on top of bills, budgets and finance.

The power really is in the palm of our hand, and while it might be easier to outsource all the nitty-gritty “housework” to seasoned professionals, and while we’ve compiled a list of our top tried and tested apps that deliver all the right tools and inspiration, straight to your pocket. 




  1. Google Keep

An organisational haven from the Google Suite, the tool allows you to organise all the mind clutter into notes that can later be shared with other users or converted into a Google doc. In addition to storing your notes, Google Keep offers a few ways to organise them, such as through keyword or colour, making it easy to group your notes into whichever category they fall – be it home, garden, work, kids, and so on. You can also store a variety of note formats including texts, lists (with or without individual checkboxes), scribbles, voice memos, and images.

  1. TeuxDeux

The dreamy theory behind TeuxDeux was that individuals are inherently lazy and prefer to be visually woo’ed by their to-do lists. Using the app is as easy as using paper, but far more effective and environmentally sound. All you need to do is type in your to-do’s where you want them, set their priority and move them around to suit your schedule. When you’ve completed a task you simply click to mark them ‘done’, or if you don’t manage to tick off your list the app will automatically roll over your unfinished tasks to the next day.



  1. Pinterest

The internet’s best visual bookmarking tool that allows you to discover and collect inspiration for your next home renovation, decor or garden refurb. The ultimate digital pinboard or scrapbook of ideas, Pinterest not only keeps your ‘pins’ categorised in like files, the tool also suggests similar content you may be interested in, based on your search history and saved images.

  1. Houzz

With Houzz, anyone can be a designer. The app allows users to browse photos by style, room and location before saving them to a virtual ‘idea book’, making your ideas easier to search, save, and share. Feeling inspired? Join other homeowners in the discussions section to talk about your project, get help with your design dilemmas, or locate local designers, architects and tradesmen to help bring your ideas to life.



  1. The Garden Planner

A nifty pick for those with or without a green thumb. The Garden Planner app has been around for a while and is a favourite among Australian property owners, namely for using your location to help recommend what to plant in your garden and when. The app features timelines for important tasks such as watering, fertilising and harvesting, and helps you track your garden’s progress, care for your plants and access a wealth of gardening knowledge.

  1. The Garden Companion

The ultimate garden guide, The Garden Companion is also both an information source and progress journal, as well as the friend and garden assistant you never knew you needed. Using push notifications that alert you to local weather updates and remind you when to water or fertilise, you can also use the app to document and track your garden’s progress, learn how best to care for plants and produce, as well as share images and your gardening tips over social media.


  1. Refresh Go Green

If you’ve already jumped onto the ‘living green’ bandwagon or are interested in making more conscious lifestyle choices, the Refresh Go Green app will guide you in making refreshing, positive changes – no matter how big or small. Out of 52 simple steps to complete, you have the choice of setting between 1-5 weekly goals the route to total success. As you make your way through the tasks the app allows you to measure how long you’ve been committed to green changes and the progress you’ve made along the way. The tasks span energy, chemical, water, waste and biodiversity, all of which the app promises will not only help improve your own health the health of our planet, but also save you money.

  1. Recycle Smart

Unsure about what item goes into which bin? Developed in collaboration with Planet Ark, Recycle Smart is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling app pairing homeowners with their local councils to help our communities become more sustainable and better educated. The app is as handy as it is informative; you can search a database of hundreds of household items to find their correct disposal methods, as well as update your calendar  and receive push notifications for your local recycling schedule, council clean-up days and any important information regarding general waste, garden and kerbside pickups.



  1. Raiz

Raiz is a personal investment app that works alongside your everyday purchases to invest spare change into a diverse portfolio. How does it work? Well, you can either set recurring daily, weekly or monthly investment amounts, or simply activate the ‘round-ups’ feature to save extra dollars from your daily spending. You have the freedom to choose how conservative or as aggressive you wish your portfolio to be, and Raiz does the rest!  

  1. Pocketbook

Pocketbook automatically organises your spending into categories like shopping, groceries and travel, allowing you to track exactly where money is going and how often you’re spending it. Its simple interface encourages users to set up personal budgets for each category, check your balances and view past transactions, whilst giving you actionable insights to help you save harder and smarter.



We hope this information has been helpful and while it is not specifically real estate focused, we believe there is some useful information for everyone, no matter where you’re living.