What to Consider When Renting a Furnished Property

To rent furnished or unfurnished? That is the question.

Generally speaking, renters will come across one of three properties.

Fully furnished, partly furnished and unfurnished.  As the name suggests, a fully furnished property is one in which the owner supplies all furniture and appliances.  On the other hand, a partly furnished property commonly only includes furniture.

If You Decide to Rent Furnished, This is What You Need to Know.

Furnished properties can provide you with a home from home, all you need to do is move in your suitcases.  Finding a beautifully decorated rental in your dream suburb can be just what you’ve been waiting for.  

Furnished Rental Lease Periods

Furnished properties generally have a shorter lease term but are not limited to short term.  According to the bureau of statistics, “renting is associated with flexibility, and renters may choose to move for lifestyle or employment reasons.” Data from the Australian General Social Survey (GSS) show that about three-quarters (76%) of people aged 18 years and over who are renting had changed address in the previous five years. In this sense it has become common for short term renters to look for furnished rentals.

“Furnished apartments are the perfect solution for vacationers, students and expatriates working overseas on contracts”, according to Damian Collins, Managing Director of Momentum Wealth.   Leasing Elite provides furnished and equipped accommodation for a broad range of clientele, particularly expatriates working in Perth.

Furniture Inventory

Every piece of furniture and every appliance will be recorded on the owner’s inventory. That means if something goes missing, you are responsible.  This goes for damages too, if you happen to accidentally spill or break something, then you are responsible for the cost of replacement.  On the plus side, if something is faulty or needs to be maintained, it’s the responsibility of the owner or agent to replace it.

Landlords differ in whether they want long or short term leases in their furnished properties.   Read more on the pros and cons of furnished properties here.

Furnished Rental Costing

It would make sense that a furnished property would be more costly per week than an unfurnished property, nonetheless, if you’re looking for a long term lease, then the market could be in your favour.  With a quicker turnover rate, more housing will become available over a shorter period of time.  

Additionally, paying a little extra per week for a furnished property may be the more economical option compared with forking out on brand new furniture and appliances to fill an unfurnished property.

If you have any enquiries about the property market or our fully furnished rentals, feel free to get in touch with us and speak to a member of the Leasing Elite team.