Lessor Information

Our services

  • Management of Short Term Furnished and Self Contained Properties
  • Management of Long Term Unfurnished Properties


  • Property inventory and property condition reports
  • Specialized marketing
  • Purchasing service
  • Tenant credit checks and references
  • 7 day a week emergency call out
  • Bond investment & procedures
  • Rent collection/default
  • Tenant Statements
  • Marketing Property
  • Leasing Strategy
  • Repairs & Maintenance/Payment of accounts
  • Annual occupancy reports
  • Prompt monthly statements
  • Documentation i.e. leases, reports
  • End of year financial statements
  • Inspections
  • Key Security
  • Lessor (Landlords) Protection Insurance
  • Tenancy Agreement

Marketing Your Property

The Corporate Tenant

Leasing Elite caters exclusively to the executive market. The benefits to owners of targeting this market have been proven time and again since Leasing Elite started business in the early eighties. Some of the advantages:

  • Guaranteed payment of rent
  • Greater responsibility for condition of the property
  • Less likelihood of litigation

By developing the concept of the fully furnished short term lease, as short as three months, Leasing Elite tapped into a lucrative executive market which maximises both the occupancy rates and rental returns for owners.

Our market includes corporate relocations, both long and short term. Corporate tenants are characterised by the following:

  • Preference for properties that are professionally managed.
  • Preference for a minimum level of involvement with agent or owners
  • Lease negotiations are usually handled by a relocation company
  • Rent is usually paid by the company’s accounts department

Tenant Selection

We attract quality tenants because we are dealing with the corporate market, the majority of time. The corporations in effect are providing references for their employees and will guarantee rent payments and verify the character of their employee.

Where we are obtaining individual tenants who are not verified by our corporate customers, we confirm their references through their banks and previous landlords. We specialize in providing you with a good level of reference checking.

Tenant Selection also involves the type of agreements both the tenant and landlord are looking for i.e. long or short-term leases furnished or unfurnished? This will determine the needs of both and what we, as agents will need to look for.

The Short Term Lease

Shorter leases offer owners a certain amount of flexibility that is not available once a property is fixed to a longer-term contract.  Owners have a greater chance of using the property themselves at pre-arranged times if they are returning to Perth for short periods of time.

The Long Term Lease

Longer leases offer the security of rental return. If your property is leased for 12 months then the income stream is guaranteed as a fixed amount for that term.
Leasing Elite maintains a policy of only letting unfurnished properties on longer-term leases.